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XXIV. the music that changed the mood.

This Garage-Band-mixed-MP3 was part of my arsenal of logistics on the actual day. I also brought along my iPod Nano, and had lined up four other significant 五月天 songs before this original composition played as the fifth song on the playlist.

I had to ensure that the entire playlist took around 20 minutes to play from start to finish. I will explain why later. I chose songs that represented different phases of our courtship. These were the songs I selected in sequential order:

  • 我又初恋了
  • 倔强
  • 最重要的小事
  • 让我照顾你 (by 阿信)
  • 让我照顾你 (by 阿舍)

I remember taking out three blindfolds, charging all the gadgets that I needed for the day, packing the all-important ring, earphones and a change of clothes for the evening. I said my bedtime prayers and told the Lord that I’ve done that I possibly could. I guess I could say that I prepared ‘til my maximum, but I think it’s fair to say that I’ve prepared ‘til my optimum. Now I depend on His grace to see me through.

Yes, I think I am finally ready to write about how Friday transpired!

Next chapter: the actual visit to USS.

yes, we will overcome.


The world and I are worlds apart and that sets me apart
It takes more than tenacity to emerge more than a conqueror
An intransigence individual must be true to himself
Self-acceptance supersedes all human receptions

There is perfection in absolute insanity
I am the ordained dictator of my own domain

Believe in me and love me without fear for I have a blessed recalcitrance
With every accumulating disgrace, my perspectives become laced with His grace
Embrace my past as you soar along with the pinions of my future
Gold is truly refined when all existing impurities are smoldered away

I must leap over oncoming hurdles to be revealed as a victor
A sea of manmade obstacles don’t frighten me for I’ll wrestle until my heart caves in

The remnants of my uncompromising willpower are clasped securely between my palms
I’ll soon arrive in paradise but setbacks remind me to view reality with optimism
I’ll declare my unwavering convictions into a thundering zephyr
The one-time lunacy of going against all odds has its sweet rewards

by Joey Asher Tan
1st October 2010, 11:55pm
Inspired by “倔强”(五月天)

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