if i can turn 100, then you can win a free gift!

Slow and steady wins the race and in the blink of an eye, ever since I kept up the habit of writing daily, I’ve arrived at a century of entries! And so to self-commemorate this unique achievement of consistency, I’m going to give away a handsome, spanking new branded NKJV Bible (pictured below)! This bible retails for $40+ in bookstores and it could be yours at no cost! Anyone and everyone is eligible to participate. (Even if you don’t want the bible for yourself, it’d make a good gift for someone else!)

Thomas Nelson’s Life & Style Compact Bible – Peppa’ Genius: Spring Line 2006

To stand a chance to win this bible, all you have to do is to write a short reflection (longer than one sentence) based on any of my 100 existing entries. You can choose to either extract a quote or an entire article to reflect on. I’ve been blessed through my daily reflections so now I want to bless my readers in a similar manner.


1. Quote – “I could always be happier, but I am situationally contented.”

I’ve learnt to find blessing in counting what I have instead of what I do not have. This has brought me joy as I stop coveting what my peers possess.


2. Entry – “would you let go of me?” April 21, 2010

I had a troubled childhood myself; my parents didn’t have enough time for me. I’m determined to never let my children experience the same neglect!

Yes! It’s that simple! I’ll pick my favourite reflection amongst all the many entries (hopefully! I’m optimistic!) and the person who submitted it will bring home the bible!

This competition ends in two weeks on 14th May; I will announce the winner on 16th May. To increase your winning probability, you can submit as many reflections as you want. So go ahead, submit by leaving a comment and win a bible in the process!

You never know, you might just be the only one who submitted. All the best! (:

(In the sad and unfortunate event that no one bothers to submit anything, I will stubbornly attempt this method again at the 200th entry and give away the same bible. HAHA! I’m gonna keep trying until it exits my bookshelf!)

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. Entry – if i can turn 100, then you can win a free gift! April 30, 2010

    I chose this simply because it reminded me of the time i blessed F.R.I.E.N.D.S by thinking of what Singaporean food they were missing and would be a treat that i possibly could venture to whip up, plying through Tesco and the wet market for ingredients, lugging that entire weight to Tim’s apartment, single-handedly preparing (experimenting) the meal with my heart in my mouth the whole time until we were all seated at the table and your faces reflected simply enjoyment at being blessed. :) It was my birthday, but I wanted to be a blessing instead. There exists a unique portion to celebration in giving. :)

  2. you plant seeds, not pluck fruits
    tis post really speaks to me not to give up when leading youths even when there’s very few acknowledgement n just to really press on wif e youths which i’m leading…at the end of the day its abt e youths n not abt getting recognize…tt’s all…
    wow…tis is really short…

    • joel, it’s so cool to see you grow up… from a youth… now to a youth leader… amazing! God is good. i’m looking forward to work with you for rhema. (: press on in your role as a CM! do it well for the glory of God! (:

  3. tks tks…haha…looking forward to work wif you for tis yr rhema as well…=)

  4. Entry-i’d rather have teh-peng, April 23, 2010

    It really reminds me not to just dwell on my personal trials and obstacles, many people also experience them, albeit not entirely the same ones but still i’m not alone..

    It’s also a timely reminder to check my perspective on certain issues going on in my life. How i view it determines how things are gonna be. If i view it in a more positive manner instead of being depressed about it, i will emerge stronger and better and things are definitely gonna turn out fine.

  5. Please check your email. I hope email submissions count. But nevertheless, I had fun entering! :D

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