announcement! change of address in 2016!

I had intended to post a very (x 1 million) long entry, which I am currently still writing, but I can’t contain the joy anymore and I must declare it immediately. I promise though, that the elaborated entry will arrive in the coming days (if not, weeks). For now, HY and I are delighted to announce that we have, by the amazing grace of God, successfully selected a four-room flat in the coveted HDB Built-To-Order project called SkyVille @ Dawson, and we cannot wait to receive the flat in the coming years. I PROMISE – details to be released soon! But for now, here’s what our future home will look like!

The following pictures were all taken from here; this link is also the official website for this project. Our address in 2016: 87 Dawson Road #11-XX, Singapore 141087. (I ought to keep the unit number secret for security reasons…) Oh man, HY and I are super overwhelmed by God’s goodness! We have had one crazy journey with the Lord and we have so much, so much to thank God for! Thank you for all your prayers! HY and I are on our way to becoming property owners! Can’t wait! Can’t Wait!! CAN’T WAIT!!! (((:

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Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. ragamuffinkid

    Congrats! that means you only need to walk to your office and save $$ on transportation … unless you hv to go to Bk Batok :)

    And that makes us “less than 5 minutes walk” neighbours when you move in there … :)

    • thanks bro! SO COOL! i love that neighbourhood! once a westerner always a westerner. no wonder they call me ANG MOH PAI my whole life. HAHAHAHAHA! ya i will walk leopard crawl to office if i am still working in Grace! can’t wait to move into the queenstown vicinity! wooooh!

  2. redhill’s more central than west already la i think…

    the interior plans look really nice! Just hope u manage to get one that avoids the sun..

    • all are north-south facing flats, so in general we avoid the sun, but the flats are slightly oriented to either the east or west. thank God we got a slightly east (but still very much south facing) unit. so in the evenings it’ll be cool! (:

  3. When such exclusive privilege and miracle happen in my own life, my mom would always look at me and say this one sentence to me — now I say the same to you: “God must love you and Hui Yi so much!”

    God delights in the happiness of His children.


  4. Nothing to say except, soooo happy for you and Huiyi! God is really awesome ttm! And glad that ya’ll have this testimony to share with us. You know how testimonies are, they strengthen other’s faith too :) Oh, and know that someone wants in on the housewarming *enthusiastically points to self* :D

  5. Hey Joey and Huiyi, I’m really happy for you guys – so extremely glad to hear about this. Looks like I’ve to book a flight in to SG within the next one year or so (that is if I still am staying in Mel)!

    • thanks agnes! i do hope that you’ll book the flight! haha. but we’re not rushing it. there’s time. this is a big load off our chest, to finally be a home owner! one of the landmarks of life i tell you! (:

  6. Hi! Got a unit at dawson too. Happen to find your blog while surfing the internet. Congrats and maybe see you around the neighbourhood in 2016! =)

  7. hello. blk 86. you? =)

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