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day two – the shirt that represents our unity.

I don’t know about you but it is my prayer that R-AGE @ GII never wears the PIERCE t-shirt without thinking about how they’ve earned it. Tonight’s structured experience was probably the first shocking encounter for some of the youths – I saw a myriad of emotions and I kept praying while I was in character. No one except the Holy Spirit knew there and then how much I was depending on Him to see me through – to give me the right words to speak at the right time to ignite the right emotions. I’m guessing no one saw my fears through my fierce facade but I can honestly say that if not for Jesus I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. I thank God for His grace in my delivery of the lesson.

I’ve probably said this a million time but I think I’m a really blessed youth minister – I’m surrounded by a group leaders who are sold out for Jesus and who are loyal to their youth group; shortly before I typed this, I saw YX and KJ writing encouragement cards, preparing for the next day and even as I am writing this, CK and MY are sorting out the photography and videography coverage and NC is getting ready for “Plug & Play”. It’s amazing, their level of dedication!

I’m convinced that for a youth group to thrive, they have to be united and to do so by taking ownership of it. It is my earnest prayer that my boys and girls at GII will become a body of young believers who love God, His word and each other more everyday. As I disciplined them tonight, I thanked the Lord for reminding me how much I love these young people and how much I desire for them to grow and fulfill their potential in life and in the ministry.

It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished in less than 48 hours. God is good and worthy to be praised indeed! It’s true; in a camp we can attain the unity in three days what it would normally take for three years of weekly meetings. Thank You, God, for this awesome privilege to pastor this precious flock of sheep. I love You, Lord.

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