Daily Archives: June 16, 2010

day one – the dynamics of teamwork.

It’s amazing what we have accomplished, by the grace of God, in a mere 15 hours. As the committee sat down for a debrief, we ended up counting our blessings and feeling really grateful to God for what He’s done so far. We look forward to the day ahead and we pray that the first day’s lessons on being dynamic and the importance of teamwork. Should the Gladiators (campers) require an example, let them look no further than the Knights (marshals) and Generals (committee), who, I can confidently say, have put in a tremendously commendable effort and to accomplish all their undertakings with such joy and positivity.

It truly is our prayer, as shepherds of GII, that the youths will learn the real lessons in the hidden “left-hooks” of every activity. We anticipate God to move in a powerful and divine manner in the remaining two days and we believe that He will change lives and turn hearts back to Him, for His glory! Do keep us in prayer if you’re reading this.

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