my journey into full-time ministry.

Before I headed for Shanghai, I told my uncle that I was reconsidering his offer because I was actually first considering heading into full-time work with church. He thought I was crazy. “Why you want to become a monk so early in your life!?”, was his candid retort, and his limited understanding of what working in church was like – a monastery. Of course, my mother disapproved my desire to work as a youth minister then, so I reluctantly headed to Shanghai instead.

I didn’t enjoy it at first, but God is good. Within six months, I got the hang of it, overcame the dread of being there unwillingly, made a ton of friends, settled in a cell group and began to excel in my job. When I decided to end my 21-month Shanghai chapter last July, my former colleagues were shocked when they found out that I went to work in church. They thought it was a waste of my talent and that I was too young for a job like this; they basically thought I was crazy to abandon a comfortable lifestyle for something so radical.

Of course, they had no prior knowledge of my journey with the Lord. Not many people know of my promise to God – that I’d give Him the best years of my career (which I think is now). I don’t know how long, far or intense this full-time calling is, but I know it is NOW. And my only response is not to trust and obey but to obey then to trust. Hence, tonight, I felt led to publish my cover letter to Grace Assembly of God. May my journey into full-time ministry inspire and encourage you, as well as to give you a glimpse of my conviction and surrender to God regarding this part and period of my life. Enjoy the read.

And just for the record, my mum didn’t just agree to me heading into full-time work, she actually supported it! Praise the Lord for answering a three-year prayer. The story of how she came to this miraculous decision deserves to be mentioned on a separate entry.

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. If you honour God, God will honour you. 1 Sam 2:30.

    Glad that our church has their own home grown talent. Its been a long journey for you on how the Lord has led you through one thing after another.

    Kenneth Kwan

  2. Ps Edmund Chan’s 3 theological anchors :)

    Bro its a great read esp ure cover letter. Reminds me of my deliberations after Ma’s stroke, that there is more to life than the mere pursuit of self centered goals and we were born for something so much more. Looking forward to journeying with you in Grace bro in whatever roles/capacities that God has in store. The Best is Yet to Be hahaha.

    • bro, thanks for the encouragement. remember my dream and vision for you and i as we move forward together. (:
      yeah, there’s so much more than the mere pursuit of self-seeking and self-glorifying ambitions.
      i pray that our young people (and their parents) will learn to see that they can emerge out of this poisonous mentality.

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