off the record, for the record.

I’m genuinely stunned by the level of interest in my celebratory announcement – 335 hits! That’s madness, really. This is a record-breaking number of hits and it beat the previous record-breaking day by two-fold. Anyway, HY says it’s an anomaly and I concur. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing in our Dawson joy! God is good and I praise Him.

I had planned to write in advance and schedule posts during the course of the coming youth camp but since I enjoyed blogging by email via my mobile phone during Retreat, I shall attempt to retain this practice because I believe that God will continue to speak to me during Pierce, and I want to register it.

I shall leave you with a slideshow of a series of 30 encouragement cards which I have specially designed for Pierce; these will be the main vehicles of an improvised “Angel and Mortal” game that the campers will enjoy and learn from throughout the three days and nights. All pictures are original and were taken during my recent travels.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A slight sidetrack here. I believe God has begun to develop a new gift in me – prophecy. I shall withhold details for now but I think it’s a landmark I’d want to journal down for it will demarcate a new journey in my spiritual development. I look forward to a breakthrough in my spiritual gifts. I desire to walk and live by the Spirit!

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. Prophecy? Thought you have already moving in that gifting since long ago (I noticed)… well, now that its recognized, time to develop this proclamation gift :) it believe this is very much an indispensable gift for the effective preacher.

  2. Hi Joey,

    Prolly come to as a shock. But I do read your blog every now and then. hah. Its pretty insightful.
    Anyway, could I have the slideshow? Could you email me? I really liked it very much.

    • hi jolene!

      sorry for the very late reply! just got back from an awesome youth camp! (: nice to know you read my blog. i can’t email the slideshow cuz it’s wordpress that created it. you could save the photos directly… perhaps that would work for you? (:

  3. Bro you finally brought to fruition the project you were telling me about, though the final product’s usage is albeit a little different from the initial idea.

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