IDMC 2010: an intermission.

Probably the most annoying GIF in the world. (Source: Very Demotivational)

I’m halfway through my second IDMC and I’ve learned many new lessons as well as have been reminded of some old lessons. IDMC will always be a special conference for me because it was on the second night (that’s tonight!) that I made my decision to step into full-time ministry. What’s inspired me most so far though, isn’t what EC has been teaching but what he’s been living. Through EC’s example, I’m convinced that one of the top priorities of a preacher is to spend an abundance of time dwelling and delighting in the Word of God. I echo his sentiments in my heart for I think that’ll be one of the best things a pastor could do for his congregation. It’s time for me to dig even deeper into the Holy Bible!

Once my thoughts are organised in the right places, I’d be better placed to write something worth reading. For now, I’m excited that a good number of youth leaders in Grace AG has signed up for IDMC 2011 – the numbers stand at 19 at last count but I’m expecting the final number to swell to 25 when I register everyone tomorrow morning. On a side note, I’ve been impressed by the Covenanters’ commitment to their own conference – it’s obvious that they own it and are tremendously proud of IDMC; you could see this pride hung on the faces of all the volunteers – well, if I was one of them, I’d be proud too. It’s been a thoroughly pleasing experience for me as a delegate to be treated to their genuine hospitality. Needless to say, this is something that I’d want R-AGE youths to pick up – be it during Rhema Conferences, events, services or cells. Covenanters make me want to return to their church because of how welcoming they are – can our guests say the same thing about us? I have confidence that we will attain an excellent standard of hosting with the right training.

In the meantime, I hope you haven’t spent too much time looking at this GIF. It’s been rolling ever since I started composing this post and it still hasn’t ended. Epic GIF, no less. I couldn’t help but to post it. For now, I look forward to the third installment of IDMC 2010.

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  1. Rev EC’s expository of word never fails to amaze me and offers a fresh dimension of understanding the word to draw us back into that intimacy of that relationship with Father God, as well as constant desire to dig deep into the word as well.

    May you be richly blessed thru this IDMC and the IDMCs-to-come. :)

  2. Thanks for your enthusiatic support of the IDMC conferences. I am encouraged by it and am thankful that what I teach has blessed some people. God’s grace, in multiplying my humble offering of ‘three loaves and one fish’, is seen in having another pre-paid, fully-booked IDMC conference… a year in advance.. in spite of having Covenanters NOT to sign up for next year, so that more participants can come. God is so good.. To HIM be the glory..YES!!

    • dear pastor edmund! it’s a delight to hear from you and i’m honoured to have you write on my blog. (: i’m bringing an army of 21 to IDMC 2011. hehe. thank you for helping us to discover the Word, but more importantly for inspiring us to DELIGHT in the Word. see you soon!

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