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12 things we hate about youth ministry.

I don’t normally cut and paste wholesale but this insightful article is a fantastic read. My dear young people, do remember to find pockets of time to get some rest and not burn yourself out with ministry demands. Let’s be excellent but let’s also think long-term! And above all else, remember to pray and enjoy the ride! I have so much on my plate but I am learning to take it a task and a day at a time, knowing that tomorrow has its own battles!

The full article is found here.


12 things we hate about youth ministry

by Doug Fields & Matt McGill

Serving in youth ministry is great, but sometimes we allow our priorities to get mixed up and give it more than we should. When the needs of the ministry consume and devour our lives, and it results in no margin, no accountability, and no joy…it’s time to change things. Here are some of the warning signs, 12 things we hate about youth ministry:

  1. Fatigue can result in poor leadership decisions. This season, get some rest!
  2. The nagging feeling that we may have given up too early on that one high maintenance kid.
  3. Overload leads to taking short cuts and doing what’s easy rather than doing what is best (or right).
  4. Sometimes we’re tempted to skim in our spiritual lives since people really don’t know if we skip our personal devotions.
  5. We can take criticism personally and use it as a club to beat our self up.
  6. We believe the lie that our ministry is the most important one in the church. We become territorial and build high walls around youth ministry within the church.
  7. Insecurities and fears feed one another until they’re consuming. While cocooned, we rest on our laurels, refuse to take risks, and become satisfied with the way things are.
  8. Our drive to be faithful and grow the ministry can move us from honest persuasion to manipulation.
  9. We feel like unsung heroes, wallow in self pity, and then feel guilty for having a need to be affirmed.
  10. We get confused or indignant when other leaders seem to love the ministry as much as we do.
  11. We let success feed the self-deception that says, “I did this on my own power…or…I can do this on my own power.”
  12. The pressure to perform and please others distracts us from trusting God.

Christmas is a great time to step back and remember the important things in life: God’s love for us is unchanging, uncompromising, and unconditional. He loves our students more than we do and is working within to draw us closer.


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