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think twice before you reject parental objection (part one).

This is my second attempt at writing a new post for in the original entry, I went on and on, and so out of point that the article just took on a life of its own and became substantial enough for a separate (and totally unrelated) entry. So I shall keep this entry short and sweet, and write about what I had actually intended to post.

Tonight, I shall simply offer a rhetorical question but actually expect different responses:

“Would you rather have parental objection or parental rejection? And why?”

I know the answer is obvious but I want to know why most of us would choose the former. Do share your thoughts with me, if you will. I’m pretty sure some responses would surprise me.

I’d go to the extent of stating that parental objection is a BLESSING; so young people, don’t take parental objection – however annoying, frustrating, constricting and infuriating you may perceive it to be – for granted.

This was the one lingering thought on my mind the entire day. Now, tell me what’s on yours.

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