Daily Archives: February 11, 2011

when it makes no sense at all.

Emptiness consumes
From the left to the right, halt

Lost causes, regrets
The approach to nothing haunts
Leading on a naught

Broken phrases joined
Dragged through a room of shadows
The sound of silence

Deadpan forced laughter
Patronising apathy

Carbon copycat
Nonsensical outcomes yet
Still trying, always

Where are you, Abba?
The scarce search and the rare find
Just wait a little

I trust and obey
For there is no other way
Jesus brings me joy

Still trying, I am
Circled in a rounded square
Still exhaustion sets

Descending beyond this
Trouble is so troublesome
Overpowered nous

I say I feel great
Nothing could stand in my way
Unless it is me

Put matter below mind
Mass mixing might make me melt
Does it matter much?

Non-sequitur, this
Confuses my clarity
Forget victory

Cease fire and run
Hide in a hole, take cover
Find the burning bush

There is none like You
True, but there’s none like me too
What have we become?

Slow degradation
Conversations losing words
Loath soliloquy

I cannot exit
I cannot cease to exist
I cannot expel

Please help me make sense
This verbal dysentery
I want out right now

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