top ten reasons for not exercising.

I had fun coming up with this list! Which reason(s) excuse(s) do you always use?

  1. “I have a huge/ major/ important exam/ test/ appointment/ presentation/ meeting/ date today/ tomorrow.”
  2. “I didn’t sleep enough the night before.”
  3. “I don’t feel like it because it’s my, erm, time of the month (I’m convinced some guys get it too!).”
  4. “The weather today is too hot/ wet/ cold/ sunny/ humid/ nice so I better stay home.”
  5. “It’s unsafe to run so early/ late.”
  6. “My mother/ father/ (insert family member) doesn’t allow.”
  7. “It just doesn’t feel right today.”
  8. “The gym is too expensive/ far/ crowded/ smelly/ noisy/ filled with gay people.”
  9. “My muscles are still aching/ recovering from the last run/ week/ month/ year.”
  10. “Outside got ghost.”

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