review of the unattainable girl, seven years later.

I found an interesting post which I wrote seven years ago and I thought it made for good reading. It’s regarding my dream girl – so impossible to find I called her the unattainable girl. Here’s how I described her…

  1. She shouldn’t just be a Christian. She must be in love with God so much she inspires me to fall even deeper in love with Him.
  2. A family person, because I am. I think being family oriented is of utmost importance.
  3. Has a kind-hearted nature. You know, the kind who will gladly help a granny cross the road, return a wallet, give up a seat, etc. She should have a big and generous heart!
  4. Doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty, but she must be beautiful. Get it?
  5. Her confidence should exude in the way she carries herself.
  6. Some girls have a glow… And some girls have a Jesus glow.
  7. I always believe a healthy body produces a healthy mind i.e. be physically fit. We can exercise together!
  8. Well, being patient and understanding are cliché traits to ask for, but when those are essential when it comes to dealing with me.
  9. Please do not be whiny… And please do not cry all the time… And please do not go “Sooooooo cute!!!” too often.
  10. Crazy about children, because I’m thrilled about them! I can’t wait to be a father!
  11. I hope she’s NOT taller than me. *hopes* I wanna look good beside her!
  12. Football is part of me, so it’d be great if it was part of her. This would be way cool but it won’t be important though. A bonus if she cheers for TeamR-AGE and Man Utd.
  13. Be ever so supportive of what I do and what I ought to do.
  14. Nice hair, eyes and complexion, because I don’t have these.
  15. A captivating smile to take my breath away, a tender touch to cool my hot-temper, a soothing voice to calm my kancheong-spider nature and an affectionate hug to assure me everything’s gonna be all right.
  16. Oh I certainly hope our conversations are filled with laughter, wit and genuinity. She should be capable of small talk and big talk too. Oh, and please pretend to be amused even when I start to say lame things… One day my mojo will run out. Hopefully only when I die.
  17. A lively and intelligent mind to stimulate the relationship and the conversations, and to always keep things fresh.
  18. Being sweet and thoughtful are lovely traits to have as well.
  19. She’s single, available and wants a long-term relationship? She’s a wife-to-be, not a girlfriend.
  20. She must not snore… Although this won’t be applicable during the initial years of courtship, but still…
  21. Last but not least… She loves me as much as I love her. Balance you know?

Sounds like a great deal? Haha. Maybe. Probably. Well, I know I definitely do not deserve a girl like this (if she even exists in the first place). But hey, I did not deserve Christ too. So, I won’t speak too soon… Optimism lights my path. Hehe…

So that was seven years ago, eons before I even set eyes on Huiyi… I thank God that she’s everything I want and need, and all that I am searching for. I may not be the best she knows or vice-versa, but I believe we’re the best for each other. I thank God for sending me Huiyi and if God-willing, I look forward to spending this lifetime with her. (:

Post script: I shall alter trait #21 in light of being with Huiyi. If you are searching for a girlfriend, please make sure that she inspires and motivates you to LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURSELF BY SIMPLY BEING HERSELF. This was one of the factors that really drew me to Huiyi and she didn’t even need to do anything to attract me this way, except to be herself!

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. Hahaha. I like your last sentence on optimism – the sanguine speaking? Heh. 21 traits for a 21 year old boy.
    Glad you found the best for you. I’ve found mine. :)

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