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Blatant foolishness
You are wrecked by stubbornness
Deserve no pity

You lie and you brag
There’s nothing in you but rags
Blinded without fear

Awake from your mess
Void conversations flood us
Your idle idol

Crash now and dilate
Maddening eyes soil my heart
The love is oppressed

I must now retreat
Irresponsibly forlorn
Hard labour awaits

Can you even feel?
Sloth will birth tragic answers
Suckerpunch laurels

I shall choose silence
Patronise your ostension
We spiral downwards

Dark consumation
Augmented our former bond
Petty arguments

Loosely knitted fellowship
Calmly disengaged

Your checkered flesh spooned backwards
Blank, vain, lost and gone

We are now finished
Your blame is now your folly
All that’s left of me


20th October 2007 | Joey Asher

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