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top ten free programmes you must download.

All right, let’s do something fun for the third list in the “Top Ten Tuesdays”. Here are the programmes I’d personally recommend to anyone with a computer because these little works of IT genius have made my life a little better. Not all programmes are available on the PC and I won’t apologise for it because… WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING WITH A PC!?

The following are not mentioned in any order of preference. I’ll recommend whatever comes to my mind first!

1. Google Chrome – I use it on my work computer and I like it so much I might just choose it over Safari on my Macbook Pro in time to come.

2. YouSendIt Express – Drag, drop and send from your desktop; until I discovered Dropbox, YouSendIt was the best way to send big files to others.

3. Dropbox – Convincing, convenient and certainly confirmed for coolness this year; 3-thumbs up!

4. Adium – The first programme I installed in my (then) black Macbook when I first switched over to Apple nearly five years ago.

5. Skype – You should throw away your computer if you haven’t heard of Skype; and no, it’s pronounced “Skype”, NOT “Sky-pee”!

6. VLC – Seriously, do I really need to describe this? Which media file doesn’t VLC open? (Ok, I just did.)

7. WideMail – A tiny but significant improvement that doubles your efficiency in the way you use MacMail.

8. AppDelete – Conveniently deletes all files related to an application and stores it neatly in a folder in your Trash.

9. MacSword – Always good to have a virtual Bible that you can copy and paste (or read) from when you’re not connected to the Internet.

10. Quicksilver – This has to be the slickest and sexiest way of searching for files and applications.

(Disclaimer: I am not a tech-savvy IT geek, so I’m sure that there are better stuff out there that deserves to be mentioned in this Top Ten list!) Do let me know which ones you like and which other free programmes should be in this list. Let’s share the inner IT geekiness in all of us with all of us for all of us!

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