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Quad·ra·ges·i·ma [kwod-ruh-jes-uh-muh]

Also known as Lent.


(Latin for quadrāgēsima, or the fortieth.)

In my pilgrimage as a believer, this will be my most serious observance and longest period of a spiritual discipline thus far — though prayer, fasting, penitence, repentance, almsgiving, and self-denial — to imitate the example of Christ.

Starting today and ending on Easter Sunday.

I will have limited access to just about anything that might prevent me from being in the presence of God.

Lent has historically been seen as a time of serious self-denial. In denying ourselves we are able to catch a glimpse of the cosmic self-denial made by the second person of the Trinity for the salvation of mankind… …[T]he 40 day period has been influential in the lives of countless saints to redirect our affections toward our Savior. Lent predates every denomination. In whatever way your local church celebrates Lent; let this season break you, wound you, destroy you, and humble you so Jesus can be the center of your life and not you. — Tim Kimberley

Can’t wait to meet and hear from You, Lord. I need Your help through this.

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