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the most inspiring purchase policy, ever.

This post is a follow-up from the previous one and I’ve written it immediately after I published the last one.

There are many reasons why I patronise and advertise the Desiring God website with such enthusiasm and fervour. This mother-of-a-website offers over 30 staggering years of books in PDF format, weekly articles, sermon transcripts, MP3 and video of sermon and conference recordings – AND IT’S ALL FREE OF CHARGE. But their Whatever-You-Can-Afford Policy simply takes the cake.

I am lifting the following excerpt wholesale off the Desiring God website (emphasis mine). I am confident that you will not find another more inspiring or impressive purchase policy online or offline. A million kudos to JP and his team – WOW! – now I want to meet him even more.

Even though we seek to keep our prices on resources like Don’t Waste Your Life low, we realize that sometimes folks simply cannot afford to pay for our resources. For that reason we have a “whatever-you-can-afford” policy for most of our materials. We will accept whatever people are able to pay—even if it’s nothing. In this way a lack of available funds will not need to prevent anyone from hearing the gospel of Jesus.

If you would like a Desiring God resource, but your limited cash-flow won’t allow it, don’t be ashamed! Just contact us by phone, email, or letter, let us know what you would like, and we will be happy to fill your request. We only ask you to limit your order to $25 and under. If in the future, the Lord provides you some excess funds, you may prayerfully consider contributing to DG’s work, but do not feel any obligation to do so.

Are there any restrictions to DG’s whatever-you-can-afford policy?

Yes, a few. The W.Y.C.A. policy is intended for individuals who desire to obtain our materials for their own personal use. The spirit behind this policy is that we don’t want to prevent any person from obtaining a DG resource that they believe will help them understand truth and fuel their passion for God simply because they don’t have enough money.

To take advantage of this policy, we ask people to inquire on their own behalf and not on behalf of others. Why? Because generally if folks are interested enough to seek us out, they are more likely to actually use the resources. If you know someone who could benefit from this policy, please encourage them to contact us.

The W.Y.C.A. policy is not intended for bulk purchases (multiple purchases of the same item) by individuals or organizations. We have a lot of friends who love to give away DG books and audio resources to others. We consider them vision partners in the ministry of distribution and our heart’s desire is to encourage them. So we provide bulk discounts based on the quantities they purchase to make it more affordable for them.

The only materials that are covered by the W.Y.C.A. policy are resources by John Piper.

(Source: Desiring God’s Whatever-You-Can-Afford-Policy)

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