salt and light revisited.

It has been a hectic day but I am determined to continue my good habit (so far) of writing daily. I’ve always considered sharing my sermon transcript here too. Hence, to kill two birds with one stone, I will post an excerpt from the last sermon I preached, titled “For God’s sake, be good!” The following is my understanding and interpretation of Matthew 5:13-16, with references from the Lexicon alone.

“You and only you are and can be the salt, better known as the protector and preserver, of your given territory, but if you have lost your strength, flavour and purpose for existence in being a protector and preserver, how shall you ever reclaim it if you are the same as everyone and everything else? You are no longer powerful or strong enough for anything and anyone, so the only way to treat you is not just to discard you but to let everyone ridicule and insult you because you are now useless.

Again, you and only you are and can be light, or better known as a beacon of truth to this whole mass of men alienated from God. There is no way for a city, and its inhabitants that is deliberately set on a predestined position on a mountaintop, to escape others from noticing it because it’s impossible.

No logical person will stupidly light a lamp only to hide it under a 9-litre box, because it’s a pure waste of time and energy, but on a 9-inch candlestick in the centre of a room where it illuminates the room and its light blesses everyone in the room.

Our light, that is from God and reflected of God, is to shine through good works that is born from being Christlike, for the sole purpose of getting everyone to see it, so that they will realise that it is not our own light that is shining but a greater light and they cannot help to be awed by it and will naturally and consequently give glory to God in heaven and acknowledge Him as the source of all lights because He is the brightest light that the world knows.”

I stand corrected so please read it with a pinch of salt. It’s meant only to help you gain a better understanding of the text and not meant to rewrite the Scriptures!

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Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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