pardon the movie title, but this was my best friend’s wedding.

Most of you know that my best friend got married today. And since I was their best man, I had the honour of giving a speech. I say that it is an honour because they have given me 10-15 minutes of the most significant and important event of their lives thus far. Thinking about it humbles me greatly. Well, regarding the speech, I enjoyed delivering it and honestly, I thought it was well-delivered; people were kind and generous with their encouragement and that gave me a huge boost too. More importantly, I thought I managed to nail what I had intended to say to the couple, and more specifically to LK.

I think there were two lines in the speech that seem to have caught everyone’s attention and so for the sake of downloading it to my digital memory, I shall share it here.

“… This is the best friend who has given me the privilege to be his best man; and I actually think that I can be his best man because first and foremost, he has been and is the best man in my life…”

“… There’s an old wedding joke about rings; before the wedding – engagement ring; during the wedding – wedding ring; after the wedding – suffering. Well, I have my own version. I’m praying that the two of them would be enduring, restoring, and since this speech is for the groom, maybe a few more diamond rings…”

I knocked out at 2:30am, got up at 6am and spent the entire day playing the role of a personal assistant and time-keeper for LK. I’m comprehensively exhausted. On hindsight, after being involved with so many weddings, this wedding is one that would definitely be closest to my heart – simply because it’s my best friend’s wedding; as I watched the event unfold, I found myself nearly in tears as I prayed in my seat and gave thanks to God for the work that He’s done with the two of them. I shall conclude this short post with a poem I wrote nearly a decade ago, specially for newlyweds.

By Joey Asher Tan

Before me stands a beautiful bride;
Her groom gleams in radiant pride.
A big day, a grand day,
A wonderful day; it is today.
Smiles aplenty, hugs and kisses,
Both enter a stage where one turns a missus.
Unaware what lies before them,
Tests and trials and even small exams.
But one thing I know that will shine through:
It is, “Our love for me and you”.
I say a prayer for them right now,
That God turns all their frowns to smiles.
Beautiful bride, submit to your man;
And may the man stick to God’s plans.
You haven’t married a person you could live with;
You’ve married a person you couldn’t live without.
May God bless you and keep your home,
Now that you’ve found your matrimonial dome.
And now I see a beautiful wife,
Her husband revels in glorious pride.

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. Hi Joey,
    Well done. i didn’t do much but some said i look more tired than LK. Now, after everything is over, i can’t sleep. still thinking and replaying the day’s event.
    God is great indeed!

    • uncle peter! never thought i’d “meet” you on my blog! (: one of my highlights yesterday was when i saw aunty jessie express her joy, especially at the solemnisation. woah i was about to cry already and when i looked to my right i saw her going for it… the waterfall was about to start! hahaha. anyway, really really really happy for lionel, you and aunty jessie. it must have been one of the best days of your life to see your son grow up and marry! (:

      • Yes, it was. By the grace of God, we are able to come thus far.
        When i saw Lionel on stage, i see him living up to his name, Han Rong. Big, glorious Chinese man. To God be the glory!
        When both LJ walked back as husband and wife down the aisle, aunty fully stretched out her left hand to touch Lionel. Quite touching for me also. Looking back, i am grateful and thanked God that everything turned out well. (1 Thess 5:18)
        As a single child, he need a brother and friend. i am glad that you are there for him as his best friend.

        • i’m very moved by your words, uncle peter. makes me look at hanrong in a different way and also makes me look at our role in each other’s lives in a different way. thanks for sharing perspective. (:

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