ten ways to inspire hope to a generation.

1. Give them a vision. And see their commitment in action. I think young people are not afraid to work hard; they are only afraid of a lack of vision.

2. Believe in them wholeheartedly. This never, ever gets old. Being patient with and watching them blossom is one of life’s most beautiful scenes.

3. Challenge them to follow Jesus. One of the best ways to fire up a youth group is to see young people make first-time decisions for Jesus.

4. Remind them to evangelise. R-AGE, we must remember that eGig is not for entertainment and iGig is not for interest; heck, it’s not even for us.

5. Give them a platform to perform. The unpredictability of young people never fail to surprise and impress me. And of course, make me ROTFL.

6. Let them express themselves. Their creativity and spontaneity always reminds me to trust them, that one day, they will eventually get it right.

7. Watch them worship God; they will inspire you. ‎Stella’s deeply emotive performance tonight was BY FAR the best dance performance I’ve ever witnessed.

8. Create memories for them, for it galvanises the ministry; pictured above is the first combined R-AGE photograph since GI and GII became autonomous.

9. Intercede on their behalf. The highlight of my day was gathering with a few of my key leaders to pray and cry for one of our hurting leaders.

10. Thank God for them. It is my joy, pride, privilege and honour to be a part of R-AGE, and my awesome responsibility to lead and pastor them.

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. I am putting an intense amount of effort into….trying to find my sister in that picture! :D *squints*

    I didn’t get to join Rhema this year, but am glad I was able to be there on the opening night. Certainly God’s presence was strong, and I believe (as can be seen from your posts) He did a great work these few days. It was also nice to shake hands with and get to know (briefly) a few lovely and very adorable youths.

    Your posts are insightful, and infectious! And hold truths that hope to carry out in my life and ministry too. I was going to pick my favourite out of the 10 points but I think it is quite impossible to privilege one over the other.

    May R-agers continue to grow and….glow, was it? XD

    • hi serene!

      it’s always wonderful when i receive comments from you on my blog. you’re such a barnabas! (: i’m delighted that my posts do all that for you. it’s humbling to know that God can use me as a mouthpiece to encourage others. may R-AGE continue to GROW, GLOW and GO! keep praying for us! (:


  2. I believe it’s also the joy, pride, privilege and honour of every youth to have you as a part of R-AGE. Continue to sow deeply into their lives, continue to inspire them and love them with that unwavering love. May your ceiling be their floor, that they will bring His glory to even greater heights :)

    And I could hear this words being spoken to you – “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

    Press on, bro! :)

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