top ten prayer needs – would you intercede?

On Tuesday, I led prayer time in the office and so I’d like to share the prayer pointers here. If you feel led to pray with me or are looking for items to pray for, I invite you to pray along with us.

  • the church-changing campaign: the 40 days of community campaign that might possibly define Grace AG.
  • the elders and deacons: board members with important roles and lay leaders with influence would serve with authority and anointing.
  • the general elections: voters to decide based on cognition and not emotion; campaigners not to make empty promises; Christian leaders to get voted in; wisdom, righteousness and integrity to be hallmarks of the next Parliament.
  • the internal revival: our repentance, God’s revelation, our reliance on God and for us to move into radical action.
  • the fathers of Grace AG: a spiritual awakening that would cause fathers to rise up in their roles and start connecting with their children, court their wives, concentrate on what truly matters, correct prioritising in their careers and consistent Christ-like conduct in all their arenas.
  • the Grace AG evolution: restoration and reconciliation of relationships; revival, revitalisation and renewal; redevelopment, rebuilding and re-appeal of the building programme; regeneration of leaders.
  • the Grace Retreat: in line with the theme, the Church must remember that church may be some members’ only opportunity of experiencing family; that we would bond-build-battle, in that order.
  • the next generation: that is not defined by age, for every generation has a generation after them; help the future generation to surpass the present generation; help the next generation reaching their potential as the current generation impart lives to them.
  • the state of the world: be it Bin Laden, earthquakes, persecution of churches or tensions between countries, the world is in a bad shape and we must intercede for it.
  • the weekend encounters: to approach weekend services with a sense of expectation and unexpectedness; preachers and worship leaders to have a word in season from the Lord to the congregation.

A few of us are truly sensing that something good is going to happen. Will you be a part of us or apart from us?

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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