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XXIII. the most romantic amateur Chinese song.

Here are the two stanzas that I was inspired to re-write… It’s only my second attempt at writing a Chinese song so do pardon my amateurishness. Google Translator was my buddy during this song-writing exercise. I tried to think and write like 阿信 (Ashin, lead singer of 五月天) but I had to make do with being 阿舍 (Asher, erm, me) instead. This was what I came up with…

走遍整世界 尝全美食 天堂 在你身边

渴望的晚餐 你熬的菠菜汤

心碎了流泪 我抱着你 答应 我非不变

每一分每妙 分享捷与悲


争取了学位 烂歌俳句 为你 写多一些

当你的超人 内裤穿在头上

萎缩的结局 馒头白发 梦想 十个孩子

牵着你皱手 我生命目标

The rest of the song (click here for its translation), written by the brilliant 阿信, goes like this:

昨天谁让你 受过伤 今天想要让你 都遗忘

是你 爱你让我变的更强 为你战斗永不投降

让我照顾你 我要让雨停出太阳

我超越我自己的想像 风雨刀枪能为你挡

让我照顾你 让你未来放在我肩上


如果这一生 到尽头 换你的这句话 很足够

是你 爱你让我变的更强 为你战斗永不投降

让我照顾你 我要让雨停出太阳

我超越我自己的想像 风雨刀枪能为你挡

让我照顾你 让你失去生命也辉煌

The two stanzas were loosely based on a poem that I’ve written for her a couple of weeks ago (for the purpose of the proposal), which I would recite just before I asked her to marry me. For those whose Mandarin is equally as atrocious as mine, here’s a rough English translation of what I’ve written above:

I’ve travelled the world and tasted all kinds of cuisines

But my paradise is to be beside you

My favourite dinner and the dish I crave for the most

Is still the spinach broth that you cook

When your heart breaks or when your tears fall,

I’ll hold you in my arms and promise I will never change

I want to experience every minute and second with you,

And share every trophy and tragedy together


I’d earn another degree, compose another song and write another haiku,

All and only for you

I want to be your superman forever

Even if it means wearing my underwear as my helmet

My body will shrivel and your head will burst with white hair

As I daydream about our ten children

To be able to hold your wrinkled hand when we’re old and gray,

That is the goal of my life

On a side note, it’s amazing how the Chinese language is so much more efficient yet so much more elaborate than the English language. I used words that I didn’t even know the pinyin to (and so I had to learn how to pronounce it)!

Next chapter: the music that changed the mood.

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