23 haikus for 23 years.

23 haikus, 23 years

Specially written for Lee Huiyi

So far, you have had
Eight four zero zero days
That’s good, not too bad

Three two eight seven
That’s the time we’re acquainted
Start of my heaven

Eight one three great days
As lovers were meant to be
My heart, set ablaze

Bottom of my heart
Five one one three absent days
’twas tough when apart

Not ‘nother hour
I will ever want to miss
My superpower

No more books this year
Sashimi meal, shopping spree
May these bring you cheer

Rhino and hedgehog
Perfect combination like
Princess and the frog

ANTM sighs
Man United double sighs
Addicts in disguise

Lonely Lakeside walks
Buona Vista sweaty strides
Distance does its talks

Two zero one one
May we become more than this
Journey’s just begun

Spend quality time
Reflected in our shared plans
G Cal is sublime

Independent girl
Thankful for this strength of yours
I’m oyster, you’re pearl

I am halfway through
This cheesy piece written by
Baby kangaroo

My wordy pursuit
Haikus, poems, songs lined up
Lyrical salute

Oh I miss you so
Ev’ry minute without you
From my head to toe

Best friend and lover
You are my truest soul mate
Just undercover

You’re God’s grace to me
Accepting tainted hist’ry
Love to that degree

Whether “Precious Thirds”
Or “Do You Love Me?”, we are
Feathers of a bird

A happy birthday
My prayer for us is to
Travel a long way

Another cliche
Sweeter still, my sentiments
In action replay

Shanghai or at home
We’ll emerge through it all, could
Honeymoon be Rome?

Finito, the end
I’d gladly write another
Twenty three, extend

My dearest darling
How I love you ’til the end
Soon I’ll bring a ring


Happy birthday, my dearest darling girlfriend, Lee Huiyi. (:

About Joey Asher Tan

Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing; I am absolutely nothing without Christ.

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  1. Ahahahaha! THIS IS REALLY SWEET AND CHEESY. I like. :) The photo’s so cute too! Thanks for the post! See you later. Wheeee!

  2. hahahaha… see you later darling! (((:

  3. by the way, why is it “Five one one three absent days”? I couldn’t figure out…!

  4. oh it’s the number of days we weren’t appearing in each other’s lives. heh. so that’s you from Age 0 to Age 14. hahaha. you figured out the rest? hehehe.

  5. oh i see.. i thought the absent days were the LDR days. So I was counting.. and like heh 14 years? YUP! figured out the rest!

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