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a categorised, diverse city.

May I proudly present the 21 new categories of this blog and may it enhance your browsing experience here. Every category has a story to tell. (This is crazy, but I really enjoyed writing the descriptions of each category; it’s kinda like copywriting, which I thoroughly reveled in when I worked in OCS and Shanghai. Creative catharsis, baby!) Enjoy!


1. A Walk To Remember | Life is a journey that never ends; let’s take a trip into my history to reminisce the (good) ol’ days.

2. Affirming Faithfulness | The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases and His mercy endures forever; I recount His great faithfulness through my blessings.

3. Attempted Provocation | I attempt to write daily because I am in the business of shifting paradigms, especially that of my own – so help me God.

4. Creative Expressions | My little anthology of poetry, song, art and the finer things in life – for that’s what we stay alive for.

5. Extraordinary Mundane | Daily routines are mundane; I set myself apart by living my humdrum life extraordinarily.

6. Forever Young | The craziest and most memorable periods of our lives happen in the springtime of youth (ministry)!

7. Heart Upon Sleeve | Passion is one of the core values of my life and very often, I spill my heart best through words.

8. In Your Face | Being authentic is one of my codes of conduct; I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to be real.

9. Leadership Lessons | Leadership is a skill best taught through real-life experiences and best learnt through real-life examples.

10. Mentoring Minutes | The issue of mentoring is the mentoring issue; these are the highlights of my mentoring journeys.

11. Ooh Aah Cantona | Eric “Le King” Cantona was the birthplace of my fervour for all things Manchester United, football and the number 7.

12. Picture Perfect | A picture unveils a thousand words and a photograph reveals emotion; life is digitalised by a kaleidoscope of pixels.

13. Preaching & Teaching | Excerpts of all my sermon transcripts and lesson outlines are found in this museum of learning.

14. Previews & Reviews | My honest opinion on just about everything – books, music, movies, websites, places, food, events and people.

15. Quote & Unquote | There’s an abundance of wisdom out there; this is my attempt to be learned by borrowing some of it for personal perusal.

16. Retrospective Reflections | Hindsight bias inclines me to interpret past events with an awareness of the present to reveal insights into the future.

17. Simple Pleasures | Godliness with contentment is great gain; may God forbid me to take for granted the simple things in life.

18. Spontaneous Conversations | A conversation with people and a dialogue with God always energises my Sanguine and keeps me functional.

19. The Greatest Gift | The greatest gift one could ever give to a young person is to believe in him or her; may you and I give generously then.

20. Theocentric Orientation | The Word of God is living and active, and beckons us to discover its revelations through intentional exegeses.

21. Top Ten & Other Lists | Be it ABC or 123, this is a consolidation of every single list that appears on this blog.

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