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a categorised, diverse city.

May I proudly present the 21 new categories of this blog and may it enhance your browsing experience here. Every category has a story to tell. (This is crazy, but I really enjoyed writing the descriptions of each category; it’s kinda like copywriting, which I thoroughly reveled in when I worked in OCS and Shanghai. Creative catharsis, baby!) Enjoy!


1. A Walk To Remember | Life is a journey that never ends; let’s take a trip into my history to reminisce the (good) ol’ days.

2. Affirming Faithfulness | The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases and His mercy endures forever; I recount His great faithfulness through my blessings.

3. Attempted Provocation | I attempt to write daily because I am in the business of shifting paradigms, especially that of my own – so help me God.

4. Creative Expressions | My little anthology of poetry, song, art and the finer things in life – for that’s what we stay alive for.

5. Extraordinary Mundane | Daily routines are mundane; I set myself apart by living my humdrum life extraordinarily.

6. Forever Young | The craziest and most memorable periods of our lives happen in the springtime of youth (ministry)!

7. Heart Upon Sleeve | Passion is one of the core values of my life and very often, I spill my heart best through words.

8. In Your Face | Being authentic is one of my codes of conduct; I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to be real.

9. Leadership Lessons | Leadership is a skill best taught through real-life experiences and best learnt through real-life examples.

10. Mentoring Minutes | The issue of mentoring is the mentoring issue; these are the highlights of my mentoring journeys.

11. Ooh Aah Cantona | Eric “Le King” Cantona was the birthplace of my fervour for all things Manchester United, football and the number 7.

12. Picture Perfect | A picture unveils a thousand words and a photograph reveals emotion; life is digitalised by a kaleidoscope of pixels.

13. Preaching & Teaching | Excerpts of all my sermon transcripts and lesson outlines are found in this museum of learning.

14. Previews & Reviews | My honest opinion on just about everything – books, music, movies, websites, places, food, events and people.

15. Quote & Unquote | There’s an abundance of wisdom out there; this is my attempt to be learned by borrowing some of it for personal perusal.

16. Retrospective Reflections | Hindsight bias inclines me to interpret past events with an awareness of the present to reveal insights into the future.

17. Simple Pleasures | Godliness with contentment is great gain; may God forbid me to take for granted the simple things in life.

18. Spontaneous Conversations | A conversation with people and a dialogue with God always energises my Sanguine and keeps me functional.

19. The Greatest Gift | The greatest gift one could ever give to a young person is to believe in him or her; may you and I give generously then.

20. Theocentric Orientation | The Word of God is living and active, and beckons us to discover its revelations through intentional exegeses.

21. Top Ten & Other Lists | Be it ABC or 123, this is a consolidation of every single list that appears on this blog.

top ten personal requests.

I’ve been wanting to publish an entry to highlight some housekeeping matters for some time now and so I finally shall do it today. I’m pleased to say that this is the 180th post since this blog incepted last October. I’m still adding value to it so that your navigation is a breeze and your precious time with me in the virtual world is well-spent. In time to come, besides writing new material, I will also be cleaning up categories and tags, adding more pages and updating links. Basically, I want to enhance and improve the user interactivity and experience of my blog.

To make this happen, I need you to get involved. I know, from my previous blogs and from observing other blogs which are miles cooler than mine, that there are definitely more phantom than active readers. I think I have a healthy following on my blog and so I’d love to hear more from more of you. Reading your thoughts and opinions really does make writing a lot more fun I desire to incite responses. So, help me along yeah?

Without further ado, please allow me to present the top ten things you can do on my blog to enhance your experience here – these are also my personal requests as a writer. Yes, I’m shamelessly asking you to walk an extra mile with me. Would you? (:

1. SUBSCRIBE! If you are already checking my blog regularly, why not conveniently receive my new posts in your mailbox at the time of publication? Simply drop your email at the side bar on the right and click on subscribe.

2. RSS! (Trivia: did you know that it stands for “Really Simple Syndication”?) Most mailboxes have this function and most blog readers use this function. You can do that by clicking on the RSS icon on the right, the RSS word on top, or simply just click here.

3. COMMENT! Have I ever mentioned that I love receiving comments? If you are already leaving comments on my Facebook links, could I trouble you to leave your great comments on the blog itself? I request for this because I want to remember the comments. Comments on Facebook disappear into cyber wilderness over time, but comments here are saved and archived accordingly for future recapitulations.

4. RATE! I’ve added the rating system (“Rate This”) at the top of every post for your convenient rating. Ratings are useful indicators; good ratings help me to recognise popular entries that people have enjoyed and poor ratings help me to improve on my writing or selection of topics. It doesn’t matter if it’s one star or five stars. So for my sake, please just rate! (You remain anonymous anyway.)

5. RE-BLOG! Maybe you need ideas for new entries, maybe you have done a little reflection after reading my posts, or maybe your comments are so long it could become a post itself. It’d be my honour if you, from time to time, used my blog as a base for your thoughts and entries. My only request is that you let me know, so that I can check it out and reciprocate the gesture.

6. EXPLORE! Check out my pages, links, categories, tags and archives and search my blog (using the search field on the right)! My desire is to, after a year or two, have written on enough topics that this blog becomes a comprehensive collection of matters which matter to me.

7. CONTACT! It’s always fun to hear from strangers and I’ve “met” a couple of them here already – where I’ve “heard” their voices before I’ve met them face to face. My contact details are virtually everywhere. You could also add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I really enjoy meeting new people!

9. SUGGEST! I’d love to write on a topic that people are more interested or inclined to read. So from time to time, I’ll try to share my thoughts on what’s current or frequently-asked. If you could suggest a topic for me, I’d love to take it up for these “challenges” serve to make me a better writer.

10. PUBLICISE! In layman terms, please spread the word for me! If you know someone who may be blessed by or benefit from what I share on this blog, please tell them about it. Also, do link me to your blog – I’ll return the gesture and link yours to mine.

Well, that brings me to the end of my 180th post. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here for I’ve certainly enjoyed your virtual presence here. I look forward to spilling my brains out on a daily basis and also to seeing my top ten requests as a writer being fulfilled. Thank you for your continuous support; your encouragement really makes a difference and spurs me on to write some more. (:

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