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day two – the shirt that represents our unity.

I don’t know about you but it is my prayer that R-AGE @ GII never wears the PIERCE t-shirt without thinking about how they’ve earned it. Tonight’s structured experience was probably the first shocking encounter for some of the youths – I saw a myriad of emotions and I kept praying while I was in character. No one except the Holy Spirit knew there and then how much I was depending on Him to see me through – to give me the right words to speak at the right time to ignite the right emotions. I’m guessing no one saw my fears through my fierce facade but I can honestly say that if not for Jesus I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. I thank God for His grace in my delivery of the lesson.

I’ve probably said this a million time but I think I’m a really blessed youth minister – I’m surrounded by a group leaders who are sold out for Jesus and who are loyal to their youth group; shortly before I typed this, I saw YX and KJ writing encouragement cards, preparing for the next day and even as I am writing this, CK and MY are sorting out the photography and videography coverage and NC is getting ready for “Plug & Play”. It’s amazing, their level of dedication!

I’m convinced that for a youth group to thrive, they have to be united and to do so by taking ownership of it. It is my earnest prayer that my boys and girls at GII will become a body of young believers who love God, His word and each other more everyday. As I disciplined them tonight, I thanked the Lord for reminding me how much I love these young people and how much I desire for them to grow and fulfill their potential in life and in the ministry.

It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished in less than 48 hours. God is good and worthy to be praised indeed! It’s true; in a camp we can attain the unity in three days what it would normally take for three years of weekly meetings. Thank You, God, for this awesome privilege to pastor this precious flock of sheep. I love You, Lord.

day one – the dynamics of teamwork.

It’s amazing what we have accomplished, by the grace of God, in a mere 15 hours. As the committee sat down for a debrief, we ended up counting our blessings and feeling really grateful to God for what He’s done so far. We look forward to the day ahead and we pray that the first day’s lessons on being dynamic and the importance of teamwork. Should the Gladiators (campers) require an example, let them look no further than the Knights (marshals) and Generals (committee), who, I can confidently say, have put in a tremendously commendable effort and to accomplish all their undertakings with such joy and positivity.

It truly is our prayer, as shepherds of GII, that the youths will learn the real lessons in the hidden “left-hooks” of every activity. We anticipate God to move in a powerful and divine manner in the remaining two days and we believe that He will change lives and turn hearts back to Him, for His glory! Do keep us in prayer if you’re reading this.

day zero – the labour of shepherds.

It’s nearly 3am, we’ve worked since 10am and we’ll be up and ready to go 4 hours later; I love my shepherds so much. They are such a dedicated bunch of leaders who really love their youths and it is my delight to be able to serve with them. God has blessed me with an amazing team. Despite the stress and fatigue, they are still raring to go, positive and excited about the camp. The vibes in this room is inspiring. I’m so proud of each one of them and I look forward to see our synergy in motion!

I’m convinced – this WILL be the best youth camp, EVER. God, we are anticipating Your work amongst us! Pray for us if you are reading this! May His Word and His Spirit pierce our hearts for His glory!

off the record, for the record.

I’m genuinely stunned by the level of interest in my celebratory announcement – 335 hits! That’s madness, really. This is a record-breaking number of hits and it beat the previous record-breaking day by two-fold. Anyway, HY says it’s an anomaly and I concur. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing in our Dawson joy! God is good and I praise Him.

I had planned to write in advance and schedule posts during the course of the coming youth camp but since I enjoyed blogging by email via my mobile phone during Retreat, I shall attempt to retain this practice because I believe that God will continue to speak to me during Pierce, and I want to register it.

I shall leave you with a slideshow of a series of 30 encouragement cards which I have specially designed for Pierce; these will be the main vehicles of an improvised “Angel and Mortal” game that the campers will enjoy and learn from throughout the three days and nights. All pictures are original and were taken during my recent travels.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A slight sidetrack here. I believe God has begun to develop a new gift in me – prophecy. I shall withhold details for now but I think it’s a landmark I’d want to journal down for it will demarcate a new journey in my spiritual development. I look forward to a breakthrough in my spiritual gifts. I desire to walk and live by the Spirit!

announcement! change of address in 2016!

I had intended to post a very (x 1 million) long entry, which I am currently still writing, but I can’t contain the joy anymore and I must declare it immediately. I promise though, that the elaborated entry will arrive in the coming days (if not, weeks). For now, HY and I are delighted to announce that we have, by the amazing grace of God, successfully selected a four-room flat in the coveted HDB Built-To-Order project called SkyVille @ Dawson, and we cannot wait to receive the flat in the coming years. I PROMISE – details to be released soon! But for now, here’s what our future home will look like!

The following pictures were all taken from here; this link is also the official website for this project. Our address in 2016: 87 Dawson Road #11-XX, Singapore 141087. (I ought to keep the unit number secret for security reasons…) Oh man, HY and I are super overwhelmed by God’s goodness! We have had one crazy journey with the Lord and we have so much, so much to thank God for! Thank you for all your prayers! HY and I are on our way to becoming property owners! Can’t wait! Can’t Wait!! CAN’T WAIT!!! (((:

daily retreat summaries tidied up for better reading.

I couldn’t stand the mess, so I sorted it out.

For your reading pleasure. Enjoy! (:

day five – if you want it, you must own it.

When I got home from Retreat, I went on a sleeping marathon. And thus it explains my one-day hiatus from blogging. Pardon the delay, these were what I’ve learnt and the things on my mind on the final day of Retreat.

  • Returning to our folly – our old ways – is as disgusting as a dog returning to consume its own vomit. There’s a reason why the author wrote about this sentiment with such an extreme and graphic analogy.
  • I’ve always believed that before revival begins in the smallest things – from our private spiritual disciplines to our individual evangelistic efforts – before it progresses to the large-scale level.
  • Only by the grace of God would we be able to “make it”. Don’t for one second think that we can experience or “attain” revival by our own efforts.
  • I liked what ZA said about how pentacostal Christians seem to over-rely on being (over-)spiritual to accomplish everything.
  • One word that was impressed upon my heart throughout the Retreat was, “Ownership”. Often times we fail to take onus of our own learning, reading, praying, and the likes. I concur that the victory of our hands and habits begins with the battle in our heads and hearts.
  • Since spiritual authority comes from time spent with God, it is imperative then, that we build an altar – a place of meeting and fellowship with God – daily. We ought to begin every day by moving with God in a new way.
  • DL concluded the Retreat by sharing from Luke 9:42 – that we should count the cost of following Jesus, care for each other and be committed to God.

So this concludes the end of my first Retreat as a full-time staff. My duties weren’t as eventful as I had hoped it to be – I say this because the youth committee did a splendid job. (By the way, KY, you have a wonderful gift with the younger youths and I thank God for His anointing upon your life. Remember to invite me to your contract signing!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the last five days, although I must be honest and say that the highlight of the Retreat took place outside of the Retreat. (More on than in the coming entries.) God is awesome and I’m awestruck by how amazing He’s blessed HY and I in the last two weeks. Without a shadow of doubt, the series of events definitely strengthened my faith in our good God, who gives us what we need and to deliver it in His perfect timing. How can I not trust and praise Him now? Glory to God!

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